Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly prompt from The Broke and the Bookish. I’m going to try and not be cliche but sometimes being cliche is just how real life goes. Let me know in the comments what your bookish delights are.

1: Reading alone and uninterrupted.

reading gif 1

To those of you who don’t have children, this is a luxury you have that I rarely if ever have. I love my littles and the hubs but they have a nasty little habit of needing 40 thousand things every time I pick up a book. I miss being able to completely fall into book land. 

2: Not having to worry about the image on the cover.

scared baby gif

I read a lot of fantasy books. They don’t always have kid-friendly covers. Scary mutant monsters or evil looking trolls aren’t the best images for itty-bitty minds. I feel like I’m back in high-school with my paper-sack book covers.

3: A plot twist so good you have to verbalize it.

say what

You know those books that spend about half the book building to something and you are pretty sure you got a good handle on what’s coming and then….BOOM. You realize you knew nothing and your entire mind is blown. It’s that moment when you literally have to verbalize your surprise regardless of who is around…or if they care.

4: Characters that are so well written you feel like you’ve lost your best friends when the book is over.


This is especially true with a series. You’ve spent countless hours with these characters. You’ve fought imagionary battles together. You’ve gained and lost love together. Then….it’s all…over? It’s soul crushing.

5: A romance novel so good your spouse suddenly resembles Prince Charming.

snow white and prince charming

Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband. He’s a great guy. But, like most couples we argue. Sometime’s we don’t even really know what we are fighting about. It happens. But, you know it’s a good romance novel when you look up from your book and that sweaty greasy mechanic man of your’s suddenly has a glow and you aren’t uber pissed at him anymore. I think all guys secretly give a silent “hell yeah” when they see us looking at the romance section in the book store.

6: Series Books

book meme 1

I love them. They have a special place in my heart. Sometimes one book is just not enough. I need 5 or 6 or 7. Ha Ha…really though..there are worlds I am just not ready to leave.

7: Reading to my kids

pirate quote

Sharing something that I love so much with my children is amazing enough. But, watching their little eyes light up is just about the most rewarding feeling ever. Even my 4 month old love’s books. She will get real quiet and make the cutest faces at the pictures. My two year old has almost as many books as I do. It’s a wonderful thing.

8: Used Book Stores

You never know what kind of treasure you can buy for 25 cents.

9: Book Clubs

I love having people that I can gush about books with.

10: Book Readings by the Author

The best part of this is getting to see the original voice of the story. 


What’s on your list?




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