Book Review “Simply The Wildside”by Amber Joy

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Wonderful Tales from a Park Ranger’s wife & mother of two wildlings. Join them on their amazing journey of leaving life in Middle America and transitioning to life in the wild. Stories of triumph, humor, tears and the belief that nature provides education in ways nothing else will. Laugh along with the little wildlings as they learn their way through life and with uplifting words you may be inspired to follow your own dreams in life.

As the Ranger’s Wife, she documents their journey along the way. Creating community, inspiring others to dream, and raising boys.

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First Lines: Thinking back it’s hard to say when it all got started. It started on the farm back in Middle America…No. It started in the city. Perhaps.It was when I was darting around the country in college just to get out and go someplace different. Maybe…


This is one of those books that make you look up from the page and look adoringly upon your children with a bit of wistful hope. 

Being a parent is never easy. There is a running internal debate over each and everything we do. From discipline to life lessons, we are always second guessing ourselves.

This was one of those books that calm that inner turmoil. It helps you take a step back and let yourself enjoy the memories being made instead of constant questioning. 

Amber has a sweet writing voice and her stories have that soft edge that puts you at ease and helps you fall back into love with life. Her love for her family shines like a beacon through her stories. The whole book almost has a glow to it. It’s clear that Amber put her heart into every word. 

I love her parenting philosophy. It is similar to my own. Like her, I will often stare upon my playing children and marvel at how they work through life’s little puzzles.

The part of this book that resonated with me the most is in the chapter “What Are We Teaching Our Children”. In this passage Mrs. Joy discusses how we as a society fear touch and alienate ourselves from touch in general. We fear touch and interpret even the most innocent of touches as creepy. It’s comforting to have someone hug you when you are sad. I love what Mrs. Joy wrote about losing our voices as well. Sometimes we just want to scream to the mountain tops. We shouldn’t squash our children’s voices. Let them be loud.

“The Pressure Of Time” passage is something that I have addressed in my own writings on this blog. Learning doesn’t just happen in a strict classroom. Each and everyone of us learns all kinds of things every day  just by living. Let’s encourage our kids to slow down and explore. Let’s encourage our kids to be curious. Don’t put so much pressure on someone so small. They are only little for a little while.

I enjoyed every little anecdote in this novella. I highly recommend this novella for parents.  I would love to sit down with this author and listen to the kids squish in the mud and have a cup of tea knowing that another mom is just like me. 

Absolutely a 5 star book .

5 stars

This book is available for purchase through Amazon.

“Simply The Wildside”


The Technical Data:

Title: Simply The Wildside : On Raising Boys | Author(s): Amber Joy |

Publisher:  Amber Linthakhan / Publication Date: 10-21-2015 |Pages: 84 (Paperback Edition) | ISBN: 978-0692561379 | Genre(s): Parenting / Adventure |Language:English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 4-27-2016 | Source: Copy From Author

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