Book Review “The Keeper and the Rulership” by Emily Martha Sorensen


In a world where both magic and mathematics are forbidden, Raneh is growing magic and she can’t seem to stop. She’ll face the death penalty if anybody catches her, so she hides it in the weeds of her family’s land, pretending to be a typical eighteen-year-old heir. And it works.

Until the Ruler comes to visit.

Now, with the purpose of the Ruler’s visit a mystery and not only her safety but her family’s reputation in danger, she has to find a way to do the impossible:

Stop growing magic.

The Keeper and the rulership cover

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This was a very unique read. I blew through this book. This world was so interesting that I cringed every time I had to put the book down. I just had to know what would happen next.

The book starts off a bit slow. I rolled my eyes at first thinking it was going to be some kind of love triangle nonsense. In hindsight, I can see why this part of the book needed to be included. It gives a bit of context that the story would be lacking without it.

Raneh is a fun character to read from. She’s snarky but has a conscience and regrets when she has hurt someone. She is privileged and knows that she is. I really enjoyed watching her learn about the darker sides to her society. It helped put some complexity to her character that she had been lacking. The way she handled the information was encouraging. It was something that later in the story I looked back on and felt confident that she was the “good guy”. Which really means that I felt like I knew her. That’s what readers want. We want to know our characters.

The world building was well done. I’m that person that everyone seems to disagree with on details. I want a lot of detail. I didn’t get a whole lot of detail here but, it was sufficient to tell the story and I didn’t overly feel like it was lacking. The world was creative and unique. Which is something that is absent in a lot of other stories. I can honestly say I have not read anything like it. Which is an absolute delight!

The writing was fluid and the book was a quick read. The ending did leave me hanging a bit and I am hoping the author is at least considering another book. I would love to know what happens next!

Solid book. Solid story. 5 star!

5 stars

The Technical Data:

Title: The Keeper and the Rulership | Author(s): Emily Martha Sorensen |

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services / Publication Date: 9-21-2015 |Pages: 264 (Print Edition) | ISBN: 9781517167165  | Genre(s): Young Adult Science Fiction |Language:English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 5-7-2016 | Source: Copy From Author

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