Book Review “Good Riddance” Whitney Fay Collin Parker


When Chloe Patrick, the diva/terrorist-in-chief of her high school, meets her untimely demise while hanging Christmas decorations outside her Ohio house, her plans for the Class of 99’s 15-year reunion subsequently land in the laps of best friends Maggie and Rachel. Maggie Dolan is the over-achieving, gung-ho former class president who still lives a mile from the high school. Rachel Atkinson has spent the past fifteen years distancing herself from everything about her teenage life, including the small town she deserted without ever looking back. Told in parallel storylines—one taking place in the glorious 1990s of Backstreet Boys, Varsity Blues, and scrunchies; the other in present day— Good Riddance uses humor and heart to remind us all about the power of friendship, the lure of lost love, and hell of high school. And that sometimes you actually can go home again (even when it’s the last thing you want to do).

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First Lines: Chloe Patrick was dead. Really dead. Remember Ray Brower? The kid in Stand By Me whose body was found by the railroad tracks? Chloe was precisely that dead.

The first thing I want to comment on is the completely hilarious description of Chloe’s death. Before you think I’m crazy, death in its self is definitely not funny but, the explanation of how she died is.

Another bit of hilarity would be the class renunion motto “We are sexy! We are fine! We’re the class of 99!”. Egotistical much?

All of the core characters are bright and seem very real. Each person’s personality shines through and they flesh out rather well. These are people that you would want to hang out with. This is the group of friends you (hopefully) had in high school. Their easy banter and eye-roll worthy sarcasm will have you laughing.

The story its self isn’t all that original but that’s not really a negative.  All readers have their standby genres that we like to be somewhat predictable and reliably good. This book definitely fits into that category.  It reads like the romantic comedies we all know and love. Girl makes mistake. Girl unexpectedly must face mistake. Girl rights mistake. Add flashbacks to the high school experience and current day consequences…..well that’s a story I’ll read any day of the week.

I would describe it as a feel-good book.

Even though I was by no means a high school senior in 1999 (I was 11 ha!) I still got the 90’s references and guffawed more than once.

One of the things that is very original about this book is the writers. They have never met in person. That’s crazy! How did they manage to write such a flawless story?! Color me impressed.

In conclusion, the book is a fun read. It delivers those always needed warm fuzzies and ends in the happiest way for everyone. Well, everyone except Chloe Patrick. 

5 Stars!

5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: Good Riddance | Author(s): Whitney Fay & Collin Parker | Series: N/A| Publisher: Parker & Fay / Publication Date: 10-11-2015 |Pages: 311 (Print Edition) | ISBN: B016IPI7ZA  | Genre(s): Romantic Comedy |Language:English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 5-17-2016 | Source: Copy From Author

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