#ThankfulThursday -Private School

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Oklahoma is primarily a “Red State”. Being governed by Republicans has serious downfalls. One of those major downfalls is the continued efforts to completely destroy public education. As the mother of two children, this is a subject that enrages me. Oklahoma schools ranked 49th in the entire nation. Let that sink it. 49th.

However, this is supposed to be a post with happy thoughts and proclamations of what I am thankful for in life. So, in the spirit of silver linings, I am thankful for my sons private school.

Oklahoma is also a very religious state. In a town of 1,000 people you can bet your last cookie there will be a minimum of 5 churches. The relevance of this statement is coming, I promise.

Almost every private school option is based around one form of the christian religion or another. From Catholic to Evangelist, the list of religious private schools is endless. The problem with that is that my family does not adhere to any religious teachings. The best explanation or category of our beliefs (or lack of ) is Athiest Humanists.

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This means that in order to keep our children out of the horror of public school we have to do what is almost equal to impossible in Oklahoma and find a secular private school. I looked and looked and finally found two. Both of which adhere to the Montessori style of teaching. 

One is disgustingly expensive and the other was right at the top of our price range but doable. So, we enrolled my son.

He has flourished in just the two months he has been attending.

I am thankful this school exists. I am thankful the director worked her magic and made her school affordable for people like my family.

I am thankful my husband works his tail off to afford it but, that deserves it’s own post. 

Now, if only someone would open an affordable private middle school and high school, we would be set. *nudge nudge*

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