WTF Medical Billing

Last year I had the audacity to have a baby at a *gasp* hospital.  This, I think, is where I f*cked up.

healthcare meme

Like a good little mommy to be I did everything the way I was supposed to do it. I saw a midwife from the very beginning of the pregnancy. I went to every single scheduled visit. I peed in a cup when they asked and drank that god awful orange crap to test for diabetes. I offered up my flesh to the blood sucking syringe without complaint.

I paid the midwife fees and my insurance deductible months before the baby was born.

This whole thing should have been smooth sailing.

shit storm meme

Not surprisingly, because this is America, literally everything that could go wrong went really….REALLY wrong.

 About a month after my daughter was born we started receiving these ridiculous bills. Some of the bills were for services and (WTF) surgeries that weren’t performed.

scumbag hat meme

After 5 MONTHS of sending fax after fax, calling 506,444 different offices, being told we had a credit of 1,300 dollars and then being told we owed 2,500 dollars, we finally narrowed down the problem.

This may get confusing.

The midwifes office required us to pay our entire deductible as well as their office fees upfront to their office.

We did that, as asked.

The midwife’s office and the hospital although owned by the same company are different entities of the company that don’t cross.  This means that while in the hospital you get billed for the use of equipment and supplies from one place and the actual doctors and nurses from another.

The Midwives office kept all of the money.

Instead of taking their part out and sending the rest in as our deductible ( like they should have ) they took their share and just left the money in my “account” floating in limbo as some kind of a “credit”.

Now, I’m having to convince the refund office to refund my money so I can pay the damn hospital.

You heard that right, I have to CONVINCE them to return my own money.

I still don’t have it.

fuck this shit.jpg

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