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“The Golden Spark” continues the award-winning story of a young horsewoman’s journey back in time. This 2nd book of ‘The Legend of the Great Horse’ trilogy follows Meagan’s adventures through the European Renaissance to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Winner of the 2012 Written Arts Award for best Science Fiction/Fantasy, Summer 2011 IP Highlighted Title.

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First lines: The floor rolled sharply and Meagan fell hard against a wall. A tide of cold water sloshed over her feet. All around in the darkness were piercing screams of horses and the thudding concussion of hooves.

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“The Golden Spark” is the second book in “The Legend of the Great Horse Trilogy”. Before we get into the meat of my review, I’ll give a bit of a teaser….it was terrific. 

The beginning of the book finds us swaying precariously in the underbelly of a massive ship filled with horses. That scene was written so well that I actually had a dream about it.

It was fascinating to learn so much about the Cortés invasion on the Aztecs. I can only imagine what those poor Aztecs must of thought when they saw horses for the first time. I think John Royce adequately describes a believable encounter between the two.

The part of this book I most like is Meagan’s adventures with the Palace of Versailles. The French had an incredible amount of odd etiquette rules that today would be looked upon with disgust. I greatly enjoyed watching that come to life through John Royce’s imaginative writing. 

Something to note that I don’t see near enough in historical fiction is the smells of places. John Royce has done a great job in filling this void. Each new scene is fully explained, including smells. 

The reason this is important to me is that smell is an easy way to bring a reader further into the story. If you tell me all about the elaborate dresses and wigs of the characters, I’m inclined to believe all was clean and neat. But if you add to the scene the stench of unwashed bodies and poor sewage practices….well that completely changes the outlook of the scene. 

The last encounter Meagan has in this book was well timed. I was happy to see her around kind people for once. The pace of this story is fast and the suffering Meagan has seen and endured was starting to strain. Giving her this lull was a way for Meagan to recharge and the reader to learn another side of her than just survival mode.

I appreciate how detailed John Royce’s writing is. This trilogy continues to impress and delight me. 

I rate this book the full 5 stars.

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Golden Spark | Author(s): John Royce | Series: The Legend of the Great Horse (Trilogy)| Publisher: Micron Press / Publication Date: 9-23-2012 |Pages: 272 (Print Edition) | ISBN:  9780972412162  | Genre(s): Young Adult/ Science Fiction/ Historical Fiction |Language:English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 5-30-2016 | Source: Copy From Author

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