Fight Poverty With Education

Childhood poverty graphic

It has become increasingly apparent that ending the cycle of poverty rests largely on available quality education and proper nutrition.  Education in Oklahoma is a heated situation. Schools are shutting down. There is a serious teacher shortage. Many students will have to make do without new textbooks this year because of deep budget cuts.

jane goodall quote

We must invest in education. Education is the very foundation on which the structure of an innovative and successful society rests.

Education quote 2

To end a broken system we must first recognize all that is broken. No more band aids, no more patching. We must build a secure structure for our children. We must provide avenues to succeed.

If we are to disrupt the cycle of poverty we must break the circle with real and lasting change.

For too long our teachers and children have taken a back seat to tax write offs for big business and corporate welfare. Our state can do better. We can do better. Let us stand against these bad principles and create a state whose name is synonymous with success. Let Oklahoma be a model for innovation.

Help us build a better world.

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