The Poverty Industry – Foster Care

There seems to be no end to the systems in America that are tainted by the stain of corruption. Have you seen the movie “Poverty Inc”? Did it tick you off? Were you shocked? Dismayed? Disillusioned? Disgusted?

Poverty Inc Diagram

Are you now extra careful on where you donate your items or money? Perhaps, you have given up donations all together.

Charities are supposed to do good.  “Supposed” being the operative word. The fact is, they do great harm beyond short term emergencies.

Like you, I was angry and shocked at how the Poverty Industry destroys the societies  it claims to protect.

Now, I am irate. Because I have stumbled upon a whole new facet of this corruption.

What if I told you that the most vulnerable of us all; those who have already been abandoned, neglected and abused are being preyed upon by the very organizations who are supposed to protect them?

Does that get your hackles up?

It should.

Because it’s true.

The foster system routinely steals from kids. They hire consultants to help them steal every asset or monetary benefit they can. They can even steal someone’s burial plot. 

Additionally, this stolen money…it in most cases doesn’t even go to help the kids. It’s typically funneled away from anything that directly helps the children. Including pay for those consultants who found it to steal in the first place. 

To add to the outrage, a lot of that stolen money….it was once yours.

Your taxes that is.

Want to know more? Check out the book that I learned it from!

The Poverty Industry Cover

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