Book Review “Parallel Realities: The Mundane Reimagined” J.C.

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Carefully crafted to accommodate the duration of a single bowel movement in today’s fast-paced society, this short is dedicated to office drones everywhere. Join memorable characters such as Lucas, Bob and Jane on their epic adventures in familiar situations. If misdirection of expectations, ambiguous statements and lame jokes are what you seek, then look no further! Either that or you could just go back to work for the same.

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First lines: Lucas hungered. At first it was a dull but constant throb at the back of his cerebellum (or what was left of it) but it soon metastasized into an unrelenting primal urge to feast. 

Parallel Realities is a fun but intense read. It’s entertaining to the max for such a small book! J.C. is a master at building suspense! About halfway through the book I was trying to figure out what he was explaining in such imaginative detail and more times than not I couldn’t quite place it!

The writing is superb. Each story is paced just right. I was genuinely surprised at the sheer amount of stuff that J.C. is able to put into such small stories. It’s a bit dark and reads like a comic. Now, the writing isn’t comic like. Nor is the format. It’s the wording. It’s the description. Everything is intense and has this urgent feeling.

I enjoyed reading it and will be keeping an eye on this author!


5 stars

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The Technical Data:

Title: The Mundane Reimagined : Parallel Realities | Series:  N/A |  Author(s): J.C. |Publisher: Pronoun / Publication Date: 2-23-2016 |Pages: 39 (Print) | ISBN: B01C6B9LT6  | Genre(s): Action & Adventure / Satire | Language:English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 7-30-2016 |Source: Copy from author

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