Discussion Topic – The Never Ending Series


How many of you have found the perfect series and wished you could live there forever? This happens more than I care to admit. I’m a series kind of person. I don’t want to visit new worlds. I’d rather kick off my shoes and stay awhile. 

I have found a couple of authors whose series has no end in sight. One series has more than 20 books! Yes, I’ve read them all….don’t judge me.

Each time one of these authors releases a new book, I often see people commenting that the author just needs to let go and move on. This has me wondering how popular the never ending series is. To me, as long as the books are good reads I could careless how long the author decides to keep the series going. I am a fan of the never ending series. 

discussion image

How about you?

Do you think there should be a limit on the number of books in a series?


2 thoughts on “Discussion Topic – The Never Ending Series

  1. In theory, it’s awesome. In practicality, after a certain point, the rut the series inevitably falls into gets stale/ old. I don’t mind a long series, but I think too many authors drag it out too much.

    My favorite series is 40+ books long , and yes, it’s getting stale. Time to end it.


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