My Beloved Pet Has Died

Six years ago my husband and I were lucky enough to be dog-mom and dog-dad to a very special dog named Chevy. From the moment we met her we knew something was very different with her. She was afraid of everything and incredibly anxious. We knew she would need lots of patience and love. 

She never grew out of her fears. As she aged she withdrew from everyone but me. Even I could only pet her with the tips of my fingers. No matter, we loved her anyway. We tried everything we could to make her happy and help her with her issues. Multiple medications failed before we finally accepted her for who she was and let it be. 

Saturday morning, before my husband went to work, he went outside to love on the dogs and he found Chevy dead. He woke me up and with trembling words told me she was gone. The few times my husband and I have dealt with the death of a pet it has been emotional to say the least. We love our animals deeply. Chevy’s death was a bit different because of our protective relationship with her. We do not know why she died because we could not afford for the Vet to do an examination. I wish we would of had the money. I would like to of known what happened.

Our hearts are broken and we miss her very much but I am also happy that she is now free of her all consuming fears. 

One of the hardest parts of her death was explaining to my three year old son that Chevy was gone. He was upset but said the sweetest thing. He told me that now Chevy doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. 

We are very happy with the time we had with her. 


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