Book Spotlight “Desert Flower” Zohra Saeed

A Short Story – Love blooms in 1930s Bahrain…

“His deep voice was soft as the waters in the bay on a summer night and his words were the most magical I had ever heard. They sent a thrill racing through my body like a hundred tiny Arab horses galloping down my spine.

I closed my eyes with an effort to shut out his face, then opened them again, the tension of his loving words made me want to touch his lips and trace the soft bow of his mouth…”

* * *

1930s Bahrain, oil has just been discovered in the Middle East and Andrew MacInnis from Canada has come to work there.

Andrew visits a Bahraini carpet merchant, who does not speak English. The merchant calls for his daughter, Noor, to act as interpreter.

Noor is a devout Muslim and as such must not expose her face to men outside of her immediate family.

She acts as translator for her father and although he never leaves the two alone, under his very nose, Andrew and Noor get to know each other and fall desperately in love. The lovers secretly plot to run away but the risks are terrible. Noor’s father may send members of the family to hunt them down and kill them.

Do they escape? Will Noor have the nerve to follow Andrew’s plan or will centuries of a formidable culture and Noor’s upbringing prevent these two young lovers from following their hearts?

Desert Flower Cover

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What are reviewers saying?

“What a beautiful story! The author does a wonderful job setting the stage with the religion and culture as the backdrop for the plot, leading the reader in a certain direction, and providing depth to the characters. I’m a sucker for love stories, and this one brought tears to my eyes. I hope the author will write more in this genre.” – A Critical Reader

“I loved this story. From the opening paragraph it gripped my imagination by its beautiful language and the evocative description of the heat of the desert rang so true.” – thea1710

“This is true… I cried. It is wonderful and shows the strength of the human being; if I can be half as strong and wise as this woman I would be at peace. An amazing, enlightening, not always happy true account of a life. It is awesome. Read and be grateful.” – Cooee

This book has an average of 4.8 stars! Read it and find out why!

About The Author


Zohra Saeed is the pen name for Rohini Sunderam, a semi-retired advertising copywriter. She has written two books as commissioned assignments, had articles published in The Statesman, Calcutta, India, The Globe & Mail, Canada, and The Halifax Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was a contributor to the anthology My Beautiful Bahrain published in 2011 by Miracle Publishing, Bahrain, More of My Beautiful Bahrain & Poetic Bahrain, (Robin Barratt Publishing UK), Corpoetry, (Ex-L-Ence Publishing). A poem was selected for publication in the international competition Poetry Rivals (Published by Remus House, UK) 2012.
Rohini chose the penname Zohra Saeed for her romantic novella, Desert Flower in order to give it a separate persona. The story is published by Ex-L-Ence Publishing UK also the publisher for Rohini’s collection on poems about corporate life: Corpoetry.

Desert Flower Cover

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