Battle Of The Book Cover #3

Hello everyone! Welcome to AlliesOpinions BATTLE OF THE BOOK COVER! 

How does it work? Well, I will put two different covers of the same book or different books and you must judge which book you would most likely pick up based ONLY on the cover!  Don’t forget to explain your choice.

The winner gets a free book spotlight! 

Put your vote in the comments!

cold water bridegroom   Reaper Lands Cover

Let the odds be ever in your favor!

P.s. You can click on the covers to get more information about the books!


2 thoughts on “Battle Of The Book Cover #3

  1. Okay, obviously I’ve read Reaperlands, so I know what it’s about. But Reaperlands is the obvious choice for me between the two covers. Coldwater Bridegroom looks like a hipster romance and hipster is only a good thing TO hipsters. Whereas Reaperlands looks like it’s going to contain tasty darkness and post apocalyptic happenings.

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