Vote! Vote! Vote!

As we reach the last few hours that polls are open, I want to inject just a bit of motivation to get you through those long lines. I know it’s a pain. The workers are slow as molasses at some of your voting locations. The lines are disorganized and the system is confusing. I know. I get it. Voting has become a trial instead of a celebration of power to the people. 

I’m still here asking you to wait in those lines. I did. With an 11 month old baby and a very hyper 3 year old. An old man admonished me for allowing my son to play on my cell phone. A strange woman kissed my baby without my permission. Trust me, I wanted to bail on the whole ordeal. I didn’t leave though. I waited. My baby got sick of being held and started to cry. I still stayed in line. My son tried to run away and damn near pulled me over more times than I can count. I stayed in that line like my feet were cemented to the floor.

Do you know why? Because this is one of the few ways that my voice can be heard. As a mother there isn’t many ways I can get involved. Most of these events or protests aren’t kid friendly. So, even if they rig the system…..even if my vote never gets counted for those I actually voted for. I showed up and people saw me show up. AND I saw them show up too. That matters.

I urge you to stay firm. Wait in the line. It matters.


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