Battle Of The Book Cover – Tie Breaker

How goes it my fellow bookworms? For the first time AlliesOpinions “Battle Of The Book Cover” has ended in a tie! The authors and I need your help to determine who gets the free Book Spotlight!

Do you love indie books? Want to help them get more recognition? A free Book Spotlight can go a long way to helping a book reach it’s full potential. 

What do you have to do? Simply comment on which cover you like the most! It’s that easy! 

The first time AlliesOpinions listed these covers they received one vote each. Help us break this tie and declare a winner!

cold water bridegroom         Reaper Lands Cover

Let me know in the comments which cover you prefer!

Thanks for voting!!


4 thoughts on “Battle Of The Book Cover – Tie Breaker

  1. Reaper Lands would be my choice. Cold Water Bridegroom is, first of all, an odd title. I’m not sure what to do with it. But also, on the CWB cover, there’s a distracting contrast in color between the very light left side and the much darker right side. The use of color and text on Reaper Lands is much more evenly balanced and easier on the eye. So I would give my thumbs up to that one. Jay

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