Best Dinosaur Books For Kids!

Do you have a kiddo who is absolutely obsessed with Dinosaurs? My three year old son and even my one year old daughter are entranced by everything Dino! They live and breathe Dinos! They sleep in Dino pajamas. They eat off Dino plates. Heck, they even have Dino silverware. Having this level of obsession in my home has given me an insight into some pretty great Dinosaur books for kids. Let me tell you, there’s a whole lot of them. Here is a list of ten that we have read (not yet reviewed) and loved!

Treat the Dino lover in your life!

  rex-cover  revenge-of-the-dinotrux-cover

oh-my-dinosaurs-cover     how-do-dinosaurs-go-to-sleep-cover

im-a-t-rex-cover  thats-not-my-dinosaur-cover

oh-say-can-you-say-dinosaur-cover     saturday-night-at-the-dinosaur-stomp-cover

dinosaur-dig-cover     dinosaur-dance-cover

Dino Border

What Dino books have your kids attention? We would love to see your list!

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