Life In This Moment

I hope this post finds you in a much better state of mind than I am today. Yesterday, very unexpectedly, my landlord decided to call and rip my world out from under me. After previously discussing an extension of my lease they decided that due to the “economic climate” their words….not mine, they were not going to extend my lease after-all and have instead put the house up for sale and think they already have a buyer. 

Since I was expecting to stay here for at least another year, I had not been looking for another home to lease. In the area I live, rent houses go fast so one must jump on the good ones basically the minute they pop up. 

I know what you’re going to say…..why not just buy a house? Good question. We were actually looking at a few homes to buy but were having a hard time finding what we wanted and now it looks like we have no choice but to rent. At least for a bit longer.

I guess what makes me the maddest about this whole thing is the flippant manner in which my landlord informed me. Like it’s no big deal. Like 30 days is plenty of time to come up with more then $3,000 for deposits and moving fees. I mean, who doesn’t have 3k just lying around….right? 

I’ve been in a frenzy ever since. I’m starting to feel like the better part of humanity really has lost their ability to be at the very least considerate.

If you’re looking for me…..I’ll be glued to Zillow trying not to end up homeless.


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