Spotlight On Romance!

Sparking Heart

Hello fellow book junkies! Today I would like to spotlight one of my favorite genres. Romance is a popular genre all around but I think people seek it out for different reasons. Some are a sucker for a good love story. Some, like me, probably love it for its reliably good endings and some of us….well, some of us are probably in it for the steamy sections. 

Romance, for me, is another way that I can live vicariously through another. That’s why I read anything. Even non-fic. I want to open my eyes as another. See worlds and people in a different light. Literature, in all its forms, helps people build a world view of events or cultures. 

The following list is a small selection of stories that I find myself re-reading for different reasons that I will highlight under each selection. Some of these books are not straight romance and that’s okay because life doesn’t fit neatly into one genre. 

The shadow Of The Lynx Cover

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 I found this book for 5 cents at a garage sale when I was only 18. The complexity of the characters is what has me going back again and again. I love how well researched this book is and the quality of the writing is amazing. Holt explores love and it’s intricacies while drawing the reader into multiple different viewpoints of the same events. When I want to get lost in another time, this is one of my favorite worlds to live in.


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This is a new addition to my repertoire. I love how the characters come together and the story is multi-faceted. Dan is one of my all time favorite good ol’ boys and I found that Holly complemented him very well. 

 The Host Cover

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“The Host” is a perfect blend of sci-fi, survival and romance. I find myself going back to this story again and again due to it’s ability to squirm right into my imagination and transport me almost immediately to another life…or lives I should say. It’s authenticity is striking and it’s characters unforgettable. 

Emma Cover

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Jane Austen’s stories will now and forever hold a place in my heart but Emma, Emma will forever and always be my all time most favorite book. I first read this book when I was a younger teen and the transformation of Austen’s characters was the catalyst that changed my perception of people in all walks of life.

The Mine Cover

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This book is a bit of everything but it’s love story is special to my heart. Who doesn’t love a story where the bond between lovers transcends through time and nothing will stop the power of their love. 

I hope that you enjoyed my selections. If you’ve read any of the books I’ve listed I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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