Word Of The Day- Vex

Here at AlliesOpinions, we love words! We especially love when those words are carefully selected and wove together to create the best stories of our lives. Language is important and words have meaning so we’ve decided that adding to our vocabulary is a must. There are a million ways to communicate so why not do it in the most colorful way you can? We hope you enjoy our selections!

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a :  to bring trouble, distress, or agitation to – the restaurant is vexed by slow service

b :  to bring physical distress to – a headache vexed him all morning

c :  to irritate or annoy by petty provocations :  harass  – vexed by the children

d :  puzzle, baffle  – a problem to vex the keenest wit

Vex Quote

All of our selections come straight from Merriam Webster.

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Day- Vex

    • Yes, it is. I use it so often that my 3 year old says it. While playing at the library he told me “This has me vexed”. It was a puzzle. I couldn’t believe he said it and used it in the right way. There was a mom next to me who looked at me in shock. She told me she didn’t even know what that meant and then Mason went on to tell her what it meant. I was like wow, he does listen lol!

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