“That Book I Wrote About Me” Sarah Buchanan

After three ex-husbands,

two successful novels, and one disastrous book she’d rather forget ever having written, Fiona Fields has hit a wall. Days once filled with critics gushing over her latest masterpiece have given way to endless hours spent lying on her living room floor in Lakeview Valley, the tiny North Carolina mountain town of her youth, and staring at her ceiling. 

But after Fiona’s agent calls with an opportunity intended to drag her back into the land of the living, Fiona finds herself inspired by her ex-step-daughter, Karen, and she’s soon off and running with a brand new idea for a book and a brand new lease on life (sort of).

What Fiona doesn’t anticipate is long-buried family secrets revealing themselves and threatening to upend her newfound momentum. As she struggles to make sense of revelations about the life she thought she knew, Fiona will find that the past often shows up in the present in very unexpected ways, and that, try as she might, she’s not exempt from the 215-year-old Lakeview tradition of long-forgotten secrets coming to light in spectacular fashion.

that book i wrote about me Cover

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What reviewer’s are saying

“For anyone who loves a strong cast of characters, a troubled past, but a whole lot of humor, this book is for you. It’s the cast that really grabbed me right from the beginning. Each character has such a unique voice. The main character, Fiona, might have gone through a whole lot of ups and downs but I love that she never feels like a victim. Even when she has her moments of feeling sorry for herself, they’re done with humor and humanness so you smile as you watch her pull herself to her feet and march herself forward. She may make mistakes, but you don’t get a sense that she’s repeating them on loop.” 

“This book had me hooked from the first paragraph until the last. I love how Fiona’s past and present lives are presented, making the storyline captivating and very real. The characters are fun, believable, and endearing. That Book I Wrote About Me has a perfect balance of humorous and more serious situations. There is nothing predictable or cliche’ about this novel, and this makes it easy to read — and difficult to put down! I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a smart, funny, thoroughly entertaining novel that leaves the reader wanting to know more about Fiona and her remarkable family and friends.”

“My favorite thing about Fiona is her golden heart. Those she loves, she loves hard. Ex-husbands, ex-step daughters….everyone. She genuinely gives a crap about their lives. Even when, by all rights she could walk away completely. She’s that ex that becomes the friend that made you fall in love with her to begin with.”

Sarah Buchanan Author Pic

 Sarah Buchanan grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has worked as a waitress on a dinner train, a radio DJ, a preschool teacher, a journalist, and a technical writer. She now lives in Southern California with her husband and their cats. 

Her first completed work was a play written when she was 9 that was performed by several classmates and the fish puppets they made in art class.

Sarah’s debut novel, That Book I Wrote About Me, is the first in a series of novels about the fictional small North Carolina town of Lakeview Valley.

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