The Prey Of Men

Hi world, it’s me again. That crazy Mom who yells at old ladies in Target or Wal-Mart or fill in the blank store. Yep, it’s me. I’m the Mom who yells at weird guys whose eyes linger just a bit too long on my children or on me. Did I embarrass you when I called you out? Too mother fucking bad. Did I draw attention to your scumbag ass? GOOD. 

Stop looking at me like I’ve betrayed you when I loudly ask you why you’re following me in the store. Stop following me around in the store. I mean, you asked for it.

I rarely go anywhere with my children unless my husband is with me. Hell, I rarely go anywhere at all without my husband with me. Once, I thought his presence would deter the weirdos. He’s a big guy. I am a small woman. It’s a sad miserable world I live in where I have to fear for my life and my children’s when I leave my home. You’re probably thinking that I’m being paranoid….

Let me tell you a story.

A week ago my husband and I took the kids to Target in Tulsa. We weren’t in a “bad” part of Tulsa. We took the kids to pick out a toy as a potty training reward. While in the store a man in his 60’s starts following us. My 6ft 3 inch husband doesn’t notice at first. I notice. The kids want out of the basket to look at the toys. I agree and tell my husband to guard one side and I the other. Creepo comes into the aisle we are in. He picks up a few toys and puts them back down. His eyes dart from the shelf to my almost two year old daughter with her white blonde hair held back in a pink flowered barrette. I move in front of her and block his view. I stare at him. He stares at me. He smiles and tells me what a beautiful daughter I have. Tells me we’ll be beating the boys off with a stick. My husband notices the Creepo and picks up our daughter and son to put them back in the basket. The Creepo walks past me in the ailse and as he passes the basket his eyes linger on my daughter. I ask him to not stare at my child. He laughs and walks away. 

Later, as we make our way to the other side of the store to get dog food I keep seeing the man. He passes by us over and over again. This time he is on his phone. While my husband reaches down to put the dog food bag under the cart I see the man lift his phone to take a picture of my daughter and son. I block his shot with my body and loudly tell him not to take pictures of my kids. He hightails it out of there. I alert a Target Employee of what’s going on.

While we are checking out I see the man again. He is with an older woman around his age. They are standing at the front of the store. When we walk out his eyes are on my kids. I seethe in anger. My husband is furious. I see the employee I alerted talking to another employee. I point at the man and mouth wtf. Employee shrugs and looks away. We get to our car and leave. 

That night, my son tells me he didn’t like the weird man in Target. My 4 year old son tells me he won’t let the weird man take his sister. My 4 year old son tells me he’s glad Daddy was there and is so strong. My 4 year old son tells me he thinks the weird man could of beaten me up but not Daddy. My 4 year old son’s joy in his new toy in overshadowed by the fear some creepy man in Target put in him. I comfort my child. 

Later, I lock myself in my bathroom and cry. I caught my husband wiping his eyes as he watched our kids playing with their new toys.

That is one story of many that I have. My oldest child is only 4 and this has been happening for years. My daughter is not even 2 years old and she is the prey of men. 

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4 thoughts on “The Prey Of Men

  1. People really suck, I am so sorry this happened to you and your children… I don’t know if I would’ve handled it as well as you did, especially at the part where he tried to take a picture, I mean “WTF?” Ugh.

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