“Pete the Cat – Sir Pete the Brave” Kids Book Review

As September creeps closer I’ve been working on introducing my four year old son to some simple stories to encourage reading. We’ve been working on sight words for awhile but it’s been kinda hit and miss with him actually memorizing them much beyond our practice sessions. I recently noticed that the book can also determine how many he remembers. Realizing this, I started to make a note of the books he seemed to put more interest (which seems to equal memory) into and have been adding books similar into our routine. So far, the “Pete the Cat” series has been doing wonders for his reading. He absolutely LOVES these books! Tonight, while reading “Pete the Cat – Sir Pete The Brave” my son was captivated. Figuring it was the cat aspect that had him so enthralled I mentioned to him how I wasn’t surprised he liked the books so much since he loves cats. He looked at me with such confusion on his face and said “It’s not the cat mom, it’s his name. Pete is the best name ever for a cat and I wish that I had a cat I could name Pete but you won’t let me have another cat (side note: we already have one that’s a bit of a terror) so I just pretend that Pete is my cat and I’m in the story with him going on adventures”. I told him that Mommy does the same thing with her books and that’s why she reads the same ones over and over again. It’s so I can go to a place or be a person that I can’t actually be in real life. He totally understood and I realized that my four year old son understood something better than like 99% of people who I’ve tried to explain my love of reading to. 

Sir Pete the brave

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This early reader is great for littles both for it’s repetitive wording and it’s illustration.  One of my son’s favorite parts of the book is how the illustration looks very much like a kid colored it. It’s easy to relate to in that way as well as the simple moral lesson. I’ve enjoyed reading this with my son and have already added a few more “Pete The Cat” stories to my Amazon cart. I suggest you give it a shot.


5 stars

The Technical Data:

Title: Pete the Cat – Sir Pete The Brave | Series: Pete The Cat  |  Author(s): James Dean  |Publisher: HarperCollins / Publication Date: 6-28-2016 |Pages: 32 (Print) |ISBN/ASIN:  978-0062404213|Genre(s):  Childrens / Early Readers |Language: English |Rating: 5 out of 5 |  Date Read: 3-06-2018 |Source: Copy from personal collection.

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