Book Review “Hibiscus Fruit” Alison Gray

Gray is a true master of deep characters. Hibiscus Fruit is so much more than just another detective novel. This is the exploration of grief, paranoia, parenting and self discovery.

Book Review “Out of the Tower” Alison Gray

Jemima Forbes is seven years when a mysterious event occurs and her father and uncle disappear from her life one night. She spends her growing years obsessing about this and when she is old enough, leaves home to find out what happened. Out of the Tower was shortlisted for the Constable Trophy 1992, a competition for the best unpublished novel by a writer from the North of England. It was described by the judges as: powerful, strong, heartfelt, admirably tense, a work of great promise and individuality, carefully thought out and with subtlety, deftness and poetic nature of idiom.