“Teach Us All” – You Should Watch It.

I'm pretty sure that most of us in the US have heard at least something about the segregation issues we have with our public school systems. I remember my step-father telling me about it when I was a kid. My mother in law was in school in Pine Bluff, Arkansas when they desegregated. She told … Continue reading “Teach Us All” – You Should Watch It.

#ThankfulThursday -Private School

Oklahoma is primarily a "Red State". Being governed by Republicans has serious downfalls. One of those major downfalls is the continued efforts to completely destroy public education. As the mother of two children, this is a subject that enrages me. Oklahoma schools ranked 49th in the entire nation. Let that sink it. 49th.

Local News Thursday -Oklahoma Needs To Put Education First!

Like many Oklahoman's, I am angry. Our state is in such a horrible financial crisis that the public school system (which has continually suffered budget cuts) is now in survival mode. This means cutting the school year short. Oklahoma already has one of the shortest school years at 180 mandatory days. Now, they are talking … Continue reading Local News Thursday -Oklahoma Needs To Put Education First!