Book Review “Treachery and Truth” Katy Huth Jones

"Treachery and Truth" is a Christian novella that explores the land of Bohemia and the fall of a beloved leader. Told through the eyes of Poidevin, the narrative can be sometimes cumbersome but has an innocence that I find myself divided over.

Book Review “Eclipsed by Shadow” John Royce

ECLIPSED BY SHADOW is the 1st book of The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy. The story is a well-researched, award-winning YA historical fiction/fantasy that brings readers on a journey of real history. The central character is a young horse-enthusiast, Meagan, who struggles to survive mankind's past using her empathy, perseverance--and her modern knowledge of horsemanship.

Book Review “Eboracum: The Village” by Graham Clews

It's no secret by now that historical fiction is one of my all time favorite genres. Due to that, I review a bit stricter than I usually would. I want the real history to weave into the story in a way that I feel like I'm actually there. I want to of learned something as well as enjoyed a wonderful story by the end of the book. Since I am so picky with this genre, I don't accept a lot of review submissions from it. I am SO GLAD I accepted this one! Holy moly was it good!