Guest Post: Thirty-Eight Nooses Hung From The Crossbeams / Andrew Joyce

After they had eaten their ponies and dogs, and their babies cried out in the night from hunger, the Dakota went to war against the United States of America.

Book Review “Eclipsed by Shadow” John Royce

ECLIPSED BY SHADOW is the 1st book of The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy. The story is a well-researched, award-winning YA historical fiction/fantasy that brings readers on a journey of real history. The central character is a young horse-enthusiast, Meagan, who struggles to survive mankind's past using her empathy, perseverance--and her modern knowledge of horsemanship.

Book Review “Eboracum: The Village” by Graham Clews

It's no secret by now that historical fiction is one of my all time favorite genres. Due to that, I review a bit stricter than I usually would. I want the real history to weave into the story in a way that I feel like I'm actually there. I want to of learned something as well as enjoyed a wonderful story by the end of the book. Since I am so picky with this genre, I don't accept a lot of review submissions from it. I am SO GLAD I accepted this one! Holy moly was it good!