It’s Rome vs Celts in this Historical Novel “Eboracum” by Graham Clews!

Award winning historical novel Eboracum is the telling of Rome vs Celts! Learn the history and the people who made it all happen!

Book Review “Eboracum: The Village” by Graham Clews

It's no secret by now that historical fiction is one of my all time favorite genres. Due to that, I review a bit stricter than I usually would. I want the real history to weave into the story in a way that I feel like I'm actually there. I want to of learned something as well as enjoyed a wonderful story by the end of the book. Since I am so picky with this genre, I don't accept a lot of review submissions from it. I am SO GLAD I accepted this one! Holy moly was it good!

Book Review “The Pharaoh’s Cat” by Maria Luisa Lang

Summary from Goodreads: The Pharaoh’s Cat, narrated in the present tense by the cat himself, is the story of a free-spirited, quick-witted stray in ancient Egypt who suddenly finds himself with human powers joined to his feline nature. The cat immediately captures the attention of the seventeen-year-old Pharaoh, making him laugh for the first time … Continue reading Book Review “The Pharaoh’s Cat” by Maria Luisa Lang