Great Kids Books For Cheap!

As a single income family with two children, it's sometimes hard to find the money to get my kids the books I'd like them to have. We have blown through the better part of our local library and really need some new material. I know I'm not the only one trying to raise readers out there so here's a list of affordable books just for kids.

Best 50 Books of 2016

How goes it my fellow bibliophiles? 2016 has been one hell of a year. This year we have seen the death of many a beloved celebrity, a sketchy election and monumental social action. As for books, well, this year I have read some truly amazing stories. From fiction to non-fiction, my world has been rocked by the talent and bravery of so many authors. AlliesOpinions reviews a wide range of genres and I know there is something for every one this list! I am proud to present my picks for your viewing pleasure.

Children’s Book Review for “Little Elfie One” by Pamela Jane

This is the second book I have read and reviewed by Pamela Jane. The first book "Little GoblinsTen"¬†was an adorable Halloween book that my son loved! To see the review click the title. Summary from Goodreads: From carolers to snowmen to stars, everyone's favorite Christmas characters sing, shiver, and shine their way through the North … Continue reading Children’s Book Review for “Little Elfie One” by Pamela Jane

Book Review for “Little Goblins Ten” by Pamela Jane

............................................... This story has it all! Goblins, monsters, bats, dragons, mummies and more! This would be a great addition to any child's library. My two year old son loved helping me count all the characters. He even bobbed his head to the rhyming phrases as if it were a song! If you are looking for … Continue reading Book Review for “Little Goblins Ten” by Pamela Jane