Telling The Truth

When a person relies on grandiose flippancy in the face of a serious accusation instead of showing transparency with proof that the accusation is's time to ask questions. It's time to ask a lot of questions.

Workers Rights – We Need Them!

Growing up I've often heard those around me lament about their terrible work places. I've heard of incredibly unsafe working conditions. I've seen unfair wage distribution. I've watched as my government passes law after law to protect the corporations over the people.

Local News Thursday -Oklahoma Needs To Put Education First!

Like many Oklahoman's, I am angry. Our state is in such a horrible financial crisis that the public school system (which has continually suffered budget cuts) is now in survival mode. This means cutting the school year short. Oklahoma already has one of the shortest school years at 180 mandatory days. Now, they are talking … Continue reading Local News Thursday -Oklahoma Needs To Put Education First!