Book Review “Trauma, Shame And The Power Of Love” Christopher E. Pelloski, MD

Pelloski, in my mind, is a great champion for this cause. His knowledge of medicine and his first hand experiences combine to shine a beacon of light on this neglected problem society has swiftly condemned without any real thought on the deeper problems. All issues in society are layered. It's important to remember this if we want change. Nothing is ever simple.

Local News Thursday’s – Prison System Epic Fail

First off, I know I'm rather late posting this. Let's all pretend I'm posting on time. Okay? Okay. Glad we got that sorted out. So, Oklahoma is at it again. Shortly before they go to inject a death row inmate with the lethal poisons to complete his death penalty sentence the corrections official realizes ....Oh crap it's the wrong … Continue reading Local News Thursday’s – Prison System Epic Fail